Germany since 1925

Designed and engineered in Germany, BLANCO products are globally renowned for exceptional quality, first-class aesthetics, functional superiority and a versatile range to suite any kitchen requirement and style.

Everything you need, all in one place.

Sinks, taps and bins are the most frequently used items in the kitchen with daily cooking, preparation and cleaning all taking place at the same time. The BLANCO UNIT expertly combines all three tasks to perfection, simplifying these everyday tasks with innovative and flexible solutions for modern kitchen life. With a choice of multifunctional sinks, paired with a true-boiling, filtered drink system or smart mixer tap and integrated organisation system; the BLANCO UNIT creates a space-saving, time-saving, creative hub at the heart of your home.

Beautiful. Strong. Clean.

Besides their premium, high-grade stainless steel and finely curated ceramic product range, Blanco’s advanced patented granite composite material – SILGRANIT® is equally beautiful, strong and clean.

Thanks to the combination of beautiful design and an impressively resilient, easy-care surface, a Silgranit sink is the ultimate choice for long-lasting kitchen bliss. It’s smooth, non-porous and tactile surface is designed to withstand high temperatures and resist scratches and stains caused by everyday use. Silgranit sinks and taps are available in a palette of on-trend colours; from monochrome black and white, through shades of grey, into warm earth tones. There’s a perfect colour to complement any kitchen theme.

EVOL-S Pro 4-in-1

TAMPERA Hot 3-in-1


Smart Mixer Taps

Say hello to the future of kitchen taps!

Blanco features an innovative and impressive range of easy to use smart mixer taps, perfectly suited to any kitchen. Offering four modern, distinctive functions; filter, hot, senso and volume – enjoy high-quality, perfectly balanced filtered water, 100˚C true-boiling water, touch-free smart innovation and precise volume of water delivered at a touch of a button, the Blanco smart tap range has been designed to enhance and simplify everyday kitchen life.

Featured Blanco Products

EVOL-S Pro 4-in-1

Unique in the market, the EVOL-S Pro 4-in-1 tap not only dispenses hot, cold, boiling hot & filtered water, it also features an intuitive measuring function that delivers precise volume of water at an instant. Designed with two flow settings and an extendable hose, this 4-in-1 smart tap enables you to rinse your food and clean pans at the same time.

TAMPERA Hot 3-in-1

Perfection is no longer having to wait around for the kettle to boil. The Blanco TAMPERA Hot 3-in-1 mixer tap delivers on this promise, providing 100°C of instant filtered water at a twist of a child-safe lever. Cleverly designed for everyday convenience, the multi-purpose Smart tap dispenses cold, warm, or boiling filtered water.


One bowl, two rails, three levels. The ultra-versatile ETAGON range from Blanco serves a wide range of purposes offering true innovation at your sink. With multiple working levels thanks to the integrated ledge and innovative rails, you can rinse, drain and prepare food, or wash, soak and dry dishes all at the same time.

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If it’s high quality you want, without the high price, KAW Interior Design recommend Blanco. The unique design elements and the premium quality make it an excellent feature in any kitchen.