The Neff Series 5 CircoSteam Combination Oven
This multi-purpose steam oven provides you with one of the healthiest ways of cooking and has an amazing array of clever settings. 

So why steam cook?
Steam cooking has so many advantages – The health benefits include preservation of vitamins and minerals of the food you are are cooking, food cooks at lower temperatures using less energy, and no cooking fat or oil is needed. When steam cooking, food quality is maintained, flavours and colours are preserved, and your food remains moist and tasty. 

The Neff Series 5 CircoSteam combination oven is simple to use with no risk of burning or over cooking your food. You can prepare full meals using the multi-level cooking platforms and it prevents a build up of steam that you would normally generate using a hob.

Simple to use. Healthy food. More energy efficient.  We love it!

For more information on this wonderful Neff appliance, pop into our showroom where we can show it off! Visit our website for details of how to find us. We look forward to seeing you!