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Featured Project: Ms Owen-Smith

Ms Owen-Smith

Customer Requirements / Challenges

Two hundred year old cottage, with a low ceilings , and very restrictive space ,with little natural light.Discussion points that the kitchen needed to have all modern appliances and comfortable to cater for 12 people which are suitable for all the family to use.

The kitchen required a centre island although space was restrictive for preparation and landing space, and for casual meals.

The Challenges

Building work required to extend kitchen by approximately 1500mm, property in a conservation area. Low ceiling heights, the emphasis was to maximize height on ceiling.

Appliances chosen

• B58vt68
• C18mt37
• S72p70
• T54t55
• D76mh52
• Ki7863d309

Why this Kitchen and appliances are special.

The design of the kitchen incorporated the desired tones to enhance the character of the property.Kitchen offered functionality ,along with luxury compliments such as the cooking station to compliment family living.

The old property had a very dark kitchen with no features , and a short lifespan when entering the kitchen.

Now the kitchen has become a centre piece of the property and a true entertaining zone.The family have taken on the challenge , of using the new appliances , the steam option has added to a much healthier lifestyle, and brought new menus to the table.

The induction hob with the added accessories of the Teppanyaki and the Griddle has really created a little restaurant theme with the biggest issue with the family who can create the best meal.