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Featured Project: Mr & Mrs Smith

Mr & Mrs Smith

Customer Requirements / Challenges

Mr & Mrs Smith came into see us and the main objective was to discuss whether we could migrate the existing footprint kitchen to the other side of the property. The rooms which we were given to incorporate the new kitchen was the lounge and dining room of the property.

The initial brief was can we get services to the other side of the property and create more light within the kitchen.

The next part of the brief was to create a design which was sensitive to the age of the Georgian property but to include a combination of traditional and contemporary elements to the kitchen.

The inclusion of an Island with practical storage solutions, and to create a large open plan family room with separate zones for cooking, dining and relaxing.

The appliances for the new kitchen, needed to have several solutions, Mr Smith loves his technology and enjoys the opportunities of cooking.
Mrs Smith needed to ensure that the kitchen appliances, had the desired look and reliability but features which extended to healthy living and practical cleaning solutions.

Appliances chosen

• B57vs24Nob quantity 2
• C17 Ms32 quantity 2
• T53s4651
• KI1831
• GI 7813
• S51m66

Why this Kitchen and appliances are special.

Mr & Mrs Smith’s vision of an open plan muilti functional space for cooking dining and relaxing was turned into a reality. We listened to their requirements and provided useful advice to enable them to make informed choices when deciding on the style design and appliances in the new kitchen. The decision was further benefited from a Neff cooking demonstration by Karen Walker which helped conclude desirability into reality.

The practical solutions with the appliances were shown within the showroom, and some of the most obvious became the simplest, such as the dishwasher they were amazed how quiet the dishwasher was which then intern did not create noise pollution for the open plan living.

The oven solutions offered healthy cooking solutions to cooking buy using vario steam, and offering the pyrolytic function for cleaning which was there to support family time rather than cleaning time. Mr & Mrs Smith commentated it was like having their own little restaurant as they have chosen to use the functions and offer more variety to their cooking choices.

The fridge retains the freshness of the food for much longer, and consequently this means less waste and budgeting less on the weekly food shop.

The kitchen design is sympathetic to the Georgian property and the classic styling meets modern functionality that is undeniably luxurious. Being a modern take on a traditional shaker style the grey tones make a real statement.