Four Kitchen Trends for 2021
May 11, 2021
We’re nearly half way through 2021, and our kitchens have been working over time since we were asked to stay home. But this doesn’t mean that the kitchen industry has grinded to a halt. In fact, we have seen some kitchen trends that we think are here to stay. So, what can we expect to see in 2021 and for years to come?

1. Monochrome & Textures

With the continuous rise of minimalism, many home owners are stripping back their spaces to make way for a simple, modern & clean look. Minimalist kitchens are seeing muted colours become a staple. Using striking blacks & greys along with a brilliant white can bring both drama and also an element of serenity to a space. Along with the addition of neutral textures such as concrete or brick to bring warmth and add dimension to the design, you can create a space that feels modern but also inviting.

Image above: Lastra shown in White Gloss

2. Statement Splash Back

Homeowners and their kitchen designers are beginning to think outside the box with where to make statements in their kitchens. Neutral colours are very popular due to their versatility, but homeowners want to find a way to make a feature in their kitchen. By utilising a splash back, you’re including something useful in your kitchen, whilst adding a focal point that adds flair and depth to your space. Splash backs are a great way to include colour and design in your home. You can often find splash backs that come in all sorts of shapes, colours, patterns and textures – there is always something for every home.
Image above: Handleless Indigo Blue Matt Kitchen with Marble Splash Back

3. Hot water taps

The world is becoming a place where, more often than not, you can get things in an instant. Even though boiling a kettle takes mere minutes, there are many homeowners who have taken the opportunity in their kitchen rebuilds to have an instant hot water tap fitted. There are plenty of benefits to a hot water tap (they use less water, less energy & are generally more convenient), however homeowners are opting for these taps from an aesthetics point of view also. These taps take away the clutter of a kettle or tea pot, and is one less appliance you have to worry about storing away when you’re done. We are partnered with the team at Quooker who are one of the leading suppliers of hot water taps. You can find out more here:

Image above: Quooker Flexi Tap in Black

4. Clever Storage

Image above: English Revival Pan Drawer with Oak Plate Insert
Image above: English Revival Larder Cabinet with Integral Wine Store

Following on from the minimalism trends as mentioned above, it has become apparant that decluttering a space can feel good for our wellbeing. A kitchen is the heart of a home, and as such there are lots of items that need a place to be stored, whether it’s ingredients or pots and pans. By integrating clever, aesthetically pleasing storage solutions into your kitchen, you can increase the space you have to work with when it comes to storing your favourite items and feel good knowing that your kitchen looks tidy.

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